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Red Rover Mine is being explored


By: Julie Drake

ACTON - Members of the Acton Town Council are urging community members to offer their input on a recently submitted notice for exploratory drilling for gold and silver at Red Rover Mine, at one time the second-most productive gold mine in Los Angeles County.

Among its owners was a California governor.

The notice was filed March 12 with the Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management. No public hearing is scheduled to consider the notice, which applies to exploration activities only and must be approved by the Bureau of Land Management prior to the start of any operations.

Site preparation is scheduled to begin Wednesday.

Drilling operations are scheduled for a 10-week period starting April 16. Drilling is scheduled for six days a week in daylight hours.

According to the notice, the exploration site on the west wide of Red Rover Mine Road has been historically prospected and mined and numerous dirt roads access the area, reducing the need to cut new access roads.

The notice states that approximately 300 feet of existing roadway will be widened by an average of five feet, and approximately 1,600 feet of temporary 15-foot-wide access roads will be constructed.

Red Rover Mine Inc. will contract an experienced, licensed drilling company to drill 18 bore holes of less than 1,200 feet in depth in order to evaluate gold and silver mineral prospects, according to the notice.

The drilling will be conducted on eight drilling pads approximately 30 feet by 60 feet, covering an area of approximately one-third of an acre.

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